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Exploring Lesser-Known Insurance Claims: Protecting Your Financial Health.

Life can be unpredictable, and unexpected illness or injury can disrupt your well-being and finances.

Often, insurance policies that fly under the radar can provide crucial coverage during times of need.

Here, we delve into various types of insurance claims that might just be your financial safety net when the unexpected strikes.

Mortgage Protection: Your Shield in Challenging Times

When health issues or injuries make it difficult to work and meet mortgage payments, you might find solace in your mortgage protection insurance. Many are unaware that this insurance is often embedded in banking or financial products. Typically secured at the outset of your mortgage agreement, mortgage protection insurance can offer a reprieve from payments for a defined period.

To determine if you’re covered, reach out to your bank or credit union. If you’re uncertain about your coverage, our dedicated superannuation department is here to provide free advice, ensuring you’re informed about your options.

Credit Cards and Hidden Coverage

Your credit card might hold a hidden insurance gem that comes to your aid if illness or injury affects your ability to make repayments. Verifying this coverage with your credit provider could save you from undue financial stress during challenging times. It’s always worth exploring the terms of your credit card’s insurance clause to know what safeguards you have in place.

Safeguarding Your Sporting Pursuits

Participating in sports is exhilarating, but injuries can happen. If you’re part of a sporting club, you might have insurance benefits waiting to be claimed. This coverage often includes income protection, lump sum disability payments, and reimbursement for medical expenses. Should you encounter a sports-related injury, swiftly report it to both your club and your GP. Seeking a copy of your club’s insurance policy is the next step in initiating a claim.

These insurance policies, however, can be intricate and puzzling to navigate. Seeking legal advice from experts like RCT can clarify your entitlements, ensuring you fully comprehend your rights and the available benefits.

Navigating Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

Exploring new destinations brings joy, but unforeseen injuries or illnesses while traveling can disrupt the experience. If you hold travel insurance, it can be a financial lifesaver. Promptly reporting any incidents and retaining copies of medical receipts are essential steps in maximizing your claim. At RCT, we offer complimentary assessments of your travel insurance policy, providing you with the assurance that you’re well-informed about your coverage.

Knowledge is Your Best Protection

In times of distress, having a safety net can make all the difference. Familiarize yourself with the insurance policies you possess, even those that might have slipped your mind. Seeking legal guidance from professionals who specialize in deciphering these often-complex policies is key. RCT stands ready to offer you a comprehensive assessment of your insurance coverage, ensuring you’re empowered to make informed decisions during life’s unexpected twists. Your financial well-being matters, and we’re here to help you safeguard it.

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