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Media Centre.

Ryan Carlisle Thomas’ media team stands as a vital pillar, offering strategic counsel and steadfast support to the firm’s legal practitioners and clients throughout various forms of media engagement. From video and television appearances to radio, online, and print media, the team ensures seamless communication and representation in the public domain.

The latest press releases and statements are conveniently accessible below; however, media inquiries are welcomed and encouraged, with a dedicated point of contact available at, exemplifying the firm’s commitment to transparency and open communication.

Malka Leifer Decision Reached
On 3 April 2023 the former principal of the Adass Israel School, Malka Leifer, was found guilty of child sexual abuse and rape by a jury in the County Court at Melbourne.  Of the three complainant sisters, Ms Leifer was found guilty of offence…
School Abuse
RCT Law can assist survivors with claims involving school abuse and has done so for many years. Sexual abuse by teachers, other members of school staff and peer on peer/student abuse is unfortunately common in Australia. Of all abuse survivor…