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Our No Win No Fee OR Expenses* fee policy

Not all legal fee offers are the same

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Under our No Win No Fee OR Expenses* policy on fees and out of pocket expenses, we will waive our fees if you don’t win a case that we have agreed to fund and pick up the tab on your out of pocket expenses.

Out of pocket expenses here are counted as medical reports, court fees and many other expenses that other firms would typically require you to pay in the event the case was lost.

If we don't think you have a reasonable chance of winning, we'll advise you not to proceed. But it's still your decision whether to pursue the case.

We will always provide you with a complete written explanation of all of our fees, for your agreement, before we act on your behalf.

If you have a concern about your legal fees, just ask us for an appraisal of the prospect of your claim being successful – we'll be honest with you about your chances because we're on your side.

*The No Win No Fee OR Expenses fee policy applies to injury cases only.

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