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> Vehicle Accidents in Victoria

Vehicle Accidents in Victoria.

With more and more people on Victorian roads every year, unfortunately accidents involving vehicles are on the rise as well. Accidents can occur between any number of different vehicles, but in each instance if you suffer an injury in an accident, you are eligible to make a claim with the TAC, regardless of whether you are the driver or a passenger. This is the case even if the vehicle you are travelling in (or the other vehicle involved in the collision) is unregistered, or registered interstate.

Car and Truck Accidents

With the increasing number of larger transport vehicles on the road, so too do the number of accidents occurring between cars and trucks. Car and truck accidents are really tough situations where vehicles collide, leading to serious consequences for everyone involved. Speeding, not paying full attention and driving under the influence can often cause these issues, but sometimes the sheer volume of traffic in Victoria can cause drivers much undue pressure.

Motorcycle Accidents

Sadly, motorcyclists often take the full brunt of collisions and suffer severe injuries on the roads. Although it is commonly assumed that motorbike riders are risk takers and tend to be at fault, this is often not the case. All motorists owe a duty to keep a proper lookout on our roads, and this includes looking out for motorcyclists. The TAC will often seek to reduce common law payouts to motorbike riders by arguing that they were at fault when this is not the case. If this happens to you, make a stand and let RCT stand with you.

Cyclist Accidents

Injuries amongst cyclists as a result of vehicle accidents is unfortunately rising in Victoria. Cyclists who have been injured as a result of a transport accident are covered under the TAC scheme and they have the same entitlements to compensation as a driver of a vehicle or a passenger in a vehicle. Cyclists who are injured as a result of colliding into a car door which is opened by a driver, or into a parked car, is entitled to the same compensation as the cyclist who is hit by a car. A cyclist may also be entitled to TAC compensation and other benefits if they are injured taking evasive action due to a car driver suddenly changing lanes, requiring the cyclist to swerve to avoid the car.

Pedestrian Accidents

If you are a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle, you are entitled to TAC compensation. This is even the case if it is a ‘hit and run’ incident and the vehicle is not identified.It is important to note however, when an unidentified vehicle strikes a pedestrian and causes an injury, the TAC may initially reject the claim on the basis that it cannot be proven that the injuries were caused by the driving of a vehicle. This makes it especially important for the injured person to immediately document the circumstances of the incident, obtain the contact details of any witnesses, notify Police, and to see a doctor about the injuries suffered.

Public Transport Accidents

It is not uncommon for public transport users to be injured due to the sudden stopping of the vehicle in which they are travelling. Other causes of injuries suffered while on public transport include falls dues to the sudden acceleration of a tram, train or bus, and having a heavy object (including another person, or stowed luggage) fall on to a person, causing injury. Falls may also be caused by the driver swerving to avoid obstacles or due to excessive speed, while a fall or impact injury may be caused by collisions with other vehicles or stationary objects such as a bridge or other road infrastructure. If you are injured on a bus, tram or train as a result of the driving of the vehicle (including due to a sudden stop), you are entitled to make a TAC claim. The incident should also be reported to the relevant public transport authority as soon as possible.

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