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> Compensation Options in TAC Claims

Compensation Options in TAC Claims.

The TAC are meant to handle expenses related to injuries directly caused by operating vehicles like cars, motorcycles, buses, trains, or trams. This assistance encompasses individuals harmed as drivers, passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and often, cyclists, in transport accidents.

Their compensation can related primarily to medical expenses associated with these accidents, but can also include lump-sum payments in specific instances as well.

No-fault benefits for road accident victims

There is a standard set of benefits which are paid by the TAC which are called ‘No-Fault’ benefits because the injured person does not have to prove liability. They cover most medical expenses and may even include a relatively small lump sum payment if you have suffered a permanent impairment.

Reasonable benefits and expenses you can claim from the TAC include:

• ambulance expenses

• medical and hospital expenses

• diagnostic services such as X-rays or CT scans

• rehabilitation expenses

• nursing and disability expenses

• attendant care – this covers nursing care and assistance with daily home tasks such as housework and gardening which you are unable to perform as a result of your car injury

• dental services

• medications

• post-acute support services

• travel expenses – getting to and from hospital

• replacement income – whether it be full time, part time or casual

• expenses arising from a death (including a possible dependency claim)

The reimbursement of ambulance services is important because they are typically incurred immediately and, because they are costly, can leave you short of money.

Psychological and therapeutic expenses may also be claimed if first approved by your doctor. If your doctor so advises, you be also be able to claim for other types of therapies such as:

• physiotherapy

• chiropractic

• acupuncture

Lump sum compensation

Finally, you may also be eligible for up to two lump sum compensation payments from the TAC if you have been left with a permanent physical or psychological impairment.

In order to be eligible for a “no fault” lump sum payment, the TAC must assess you as having an impairment of greater than 10%. Once you qualify as having met the threshold, the TAC calculates the size of the lump-sum payment using their own permanent impairment scale against which they seek to determine the percentage of whole body impairment.

For a “Common Law” lump sum payment, you must satisfy that you have sustained a “serious injury” and by either having an impairment of 30% or greater or proving to the TAC that the injury is “serious”.

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