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Family Law Court Proceedings

Family Law court proceedings can be a long, drawn out and stressful process. Whether negotiations have failed and you are considering court proceedings, or you are already in the middle of court proceedings, we can provide you with suitable advice and representation.

We know that going to court is arduous and expensive, but we can help you access barristers, specialists and give you the advice you need about what to expect and how to proceed with each stage of the process.

Enforcement, contravention or breach of Court Orders

You may have obtained Court Orders for a family law property division or parenting arrangements a long time ago, but need assistance enforcing them.

The Court takes a breach of Court Orders very seriously, and the consequences can include a term of imprisonment. The Court further requires the consequences of breached Orders to be attached to the back of all Court Orders relating to children.

We can help you enforce Orders and make an application to the Court if a party has breached the Court Orders that you have in place.

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