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WorkCover Compensation: Types of Injuries Covered and Your Entitlements

WorkCover provides vital support for a range of injuries that can occur in the workplace. From immediate physical injuries to long-term health conditions, and even psychological distress, the WorkCover scheme is designed to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Whether you’re facing a short-term setback or a permanent condition, it’s important to understand the scope of coverage and the benefits you may be entitled to.

Immediate Physical Injuries

1. Muscular Injuries: Strains, sprains, and tears resulting from physical exertion or accidents fall under this category. Whether it’s a sudden lifting strain or a muscle pull, WorkCover is here to assist.

2. Back Injuries: From lifting heavy objects to slips and falls, back injuries are a common workplace concern. WorkCover steps in to provide the necessary support for recovery.

3. Head Injuries: Accidental impacts or falls that lead to head injuries are covered. Your well-being is a priority, and WorkCover ensures you’re taken care of during your healing journey.

4. Burn Injuries: Burns caused by chemicals, fire, or other hazards in the workplace are also within the parameters of WorkCover’s coverage.

5. Lifting Injuries: Improper lifting techniques can result in various injuries, and WorkCover is there to offer compensation and support during your rehabilitation.

Long-term Physical Injuries

1. Industrial Deafness: Prolonged exposure to loud noises at work can lead to hearing impairments. WorkCover acknowledges the impact and provides necessary aid.

2. Asbestos and Respiratory Conditions: Work-related asbestos exposure or respiratory conditions arising from the workplace environment are addressed by the WorkCover scheme.

3. RSI Injuries: Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) resulting from repetitive motions are covered, ensuring you’re protected from the adverse effects of such conditions.

Location-based Injury

1. Construction Site Injuries: The construction industry poses unique risks. WorkCover extends its coverage to accidents and injuries that occur on construction sites.

2. Toxic Chemical Injuries: Exposure to hazardous chemicals can lead to various health problems. WorkCover ensures you’re covered if you suffer from toxic chemical-related injuries.

3. Office-related Injuries: Even in seemingly safe office environments, accidents can happen. WorkCover recognizes office-related injuries and provides the necessary support.

Psychological Injury

WorkCover not only addresses physical injuries but also understands the impact of psychological distress. If your work environment has caused psychological injury, you can seek compensation and support through the scheme.

Your Entitlements

If you or a loved one has experienced any of the aforementioned injuries at work, you are entitled to essential benefits under the WorkCover scheme. These include coverage for medical expenses, rehabilitation, income replacement benefits, and more. WorkCover is committed to ensuring your well-being and facilitating your journey towards recovery and eventual return to work.


WorkCover’s comprehensive coverage spans a wide range of injuries, both immediate and long-term, physical and psychological. Whether you’re a labourer on a construction site or an office professional, the scheme has your back. It’s crucial to be aware of your entitlements and rights under WorkCover to ensure you receive the necessary support during challenging times. Your well-being matters, and WorkCover is here to provide the assistance you need to navigate through work-related injuries and their aftermath.