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Personal Injury

Our Approach to Handling Personal Injury Claims Navigating the complexities of personal injury claims, including workers’ compensation, public liability, and medical negligence, demands a nuanced and tailored approach. Recognising the unique challenges each case presents, our caring, committed and courageous lawyers prioritise understanding your story as the foundation of our strategy Our commitment is to […]

Road Injury & TAC Claims

Our approach to handling TAC and Road Injury Claims We are committed to helping our clients understand their rights and to fight beside them to get the best compensation outcome. Consider our unique No Win, No Fee OR Expenses* policy; we understand the financial strain of being injured in a transport accident, and ensure that […]

Institutional Abuse

Our approach to handling Sexual & Institutional Abuse Claims. Our specialist team of abuse lawyers first priority is to ensure your safety and wellbeing. We know that no two cases are the same, with the individual circumstances varying dramatically. We will advise you on the various pathways available to you that can lead to financial […]

Wills & Estates

Our Approach to Handling Wills & Estates Matters Our experienced Wills and Estates team have been practising in this area for decades. We have drafted innumerable Wills and assisted thousands of executors to administer the estates of loved ones. We take care of all issues to do with Wills & Probate matters – the preparation […]

Superannuation TPD Insurance

Our Approach to Superannuation Insurance Claims. Every super fund is different, and every member has a different level of cover, depending on when you joined the fund, your age and the level of insurance you have taken out. You may also be able to bring more than one claim if you have additional super funds. […]

Family Law

Our Approach to handling Family Law matters We offer a holistic and supporting process involving collaboration with support service and professional colleagues to ensure that your legal, emotional and financial concerns are addressed in tandem. We pride ourselves on taking that extra step and have created information packs for our clients, known as “Empowerment Packs”. […]