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Other Types of Insurance Claims

If you become unwell or injured, it is important that you check whether or not you hold insurance policies that may cover you. These policies are sometimes built into banking or other financial products and clients are not aware of their existence.

Mortgage protection

If you become unwell or injured, are unable to work and struggling with your mortgage payments, you may be able to claim on the mortgage protection insurance with your bank or credit union. Mortgage protection insurance is usually taken out at the commencement of the mortgage facility and usually provides for a stay on your mortgage payments for a period of time.

We recommend contactint your  bank or other financial institition to see if you have cover. If in doubt, contact our superannuation department for free advice.

Credit cards and insurance

In some instances, if you have a credit card, you may hold insurance in the event that you become unwell or injured and unable to make the  repayments. It always pays to check with your credit provider to see if you are covered.

Sporting club insurance

if you sustain an injury whilst playing sport for a sporting club, you may be entitled to benefits including income protection, lump sum disability payments and reimbursement of medical and like expenses through insurance held by the club for its members.

If you sustain an injury whilst playing sport for a club, it is important that you report the injury as soon as possible to both the club and your GP. You then need to approach the sporting club and request a copy of their insurance policy so as to commence a claim.

Legal advice is often important with regards to these entitlements, as the policies can be confusing, vague and difficult to decipher. RCT is able to provide you with a free assessment of the policy to ensure you are fully informed about your rights and entitlements.

Travel insurance

If you suffer injury or illness whilst travelling, and you have travel insurance, you may be able to claim under the travel insurance policy. It is important that you report the injury or illness as soon as possible after it occurs. You should also keep copies of all receipts for medical and like expenses. At RCT we are able to provide you with a free assessment of your travel insurance policy so that you are fully informed.

Click here to submit information online so we can investigate your eligibility to make a claim. Once you have completed and submitted our online questionnaire, we will contact you within two business days to discuss your claim further.

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