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Published: 12 September 2017
Author: RCT Super Law team

How to make a disability claim on your Superannuation

I’ve written much recently about the importance of understanding rights to an insurance entitlement from your superannuation scheme should you be injured or ill and no longer to be able to work. The basic point is that, if you have one or more Super schemes, you are probably covered.

Our firm has also just published a free guide explaining how most superannuation schemes contain insurance policies that will cover you for a number of things, and most importantly what you will be entitled to should you become totally and permanently disabled.

Should you or one of your family members be in this position, it is important that you understand just HOW to make a TPD claim on your superannuation insurance policy.

How do you make a claim?

If you are making a TPD claim, your super fund will require you to complete a statement and provide a range of signed authorities, medical reports, a resume, taxation documents and an employment history statement.

It is also important that you submit all of the required documents and attach all the relevant doctors’ and other medical reports to help ensure your TPD claim has the best chance of success.

What happens once my claim is lodged?

When your super fund receives your TPD claim and its supporting documentation, they are required to assess it, act in good faith, give your claim real and genuine consideration and apply sound reason.

How long does a claim take?

Unfortunately, there is no set time frame in which super funds are required to make their decision. 

To assist in making a decision, super funds are able to request that you be assessed by an independent medical examiner and, in some cases, may request additional information from your employer, GP, other medical specialists, Centrelink and/or the Australian Taxation Office.

If your TPD claim is rejected, you can dispute the decision, but strict time limits apply. 

If you want to know more about your eligibility to an entitlement under your superannuation’s insurance policy, you may simply submit a preliminary enquiry on-line to us, and we will give you an initial free assessment.

In the meantime, please don’t forget to download a free copy of our A Survival Guide to Superannuation Total and Permanent Disability Claims

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