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> Tina Vellinos

Tina Vellinos

Senior Legal Assistant

Family Law

Tina Vellinos is an invaluable asset to our Family Law team here at Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers. With a career spanning over two decades in the legal field, Tina’s wealth of experience is matched only by her dedication to providing exemplary support. Tina works out of our Melbourne office where she plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations of the Family Law practice, ensuring the smooth running of our files.

Her journey in law began with the completion of an Advanced Diploma in Legal Practice from NMIT in 2001, laying a solid foundation for her subsequent professional endeavours. Known for her caring and compassionate nature, Tina goes above and beyond to ensure that our clients feel supported and understood during what can often be emotionally challenging times. Beyond her desk, Tina finds joy in immersing herself in nature, whether it’s exploring new destinations on day trips or simply taking in the beauty of the outdoors. Her commitment to fostering meaningful connections extends to her personal life, where she cherishes spending quality time with friends and family, embodying the values of empathy and connection both in and out of the workplace.

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