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First steps

Once you call or email us, we guarantee you an appointment within two working days, or whenever after that best suits you.

Your first interview is free, with no strings attached. We will never follow up your appointment with a sales call.

What happens at my first legal appointment?

An appointment will be made for you to talk with one of our expert legal staff.

We will ask you for details about your matter, be it about an injury and compensation, family and relationship law, or something else. For injury and accident matters, we will ask you how it occurred, establish dates and times, and any medical treatment you may have received.

Your first interview is free. It is your time to tell your story. We encourage you to take your time, and we will prompt you with additional questions to ensure we have a clear understanding of your circumstances, including your financial position.

It is our experience that most people are under significant psychological and sometimes financial stress by the time they see a lawyer. It is important we understand this so that we can offer immediate advice that will help reassure you.

Should your matter go further, our lawyer will then explain clearly how we charge fees.

What to bring to your first appointment

Visiting a lawyer can be daunting. We promise to make the process as comfortable for you as possible. Our lawyers come from all walks of life. We are friendly, down to earth and compassionate. We are here to help you.

You can help us by bringing along any paperwork, photos, letters or emails you have in relation to your legal matter, even if you are unsure whether they will be useful or not.

Please consult the relevant legal practice area on our website for further details.

Can I bring a partner or a friend?

Yes, absolutely. If that’s what will make you comfortable or help you through the process.

Our office locations

With 17 office locations throughout Victoria, you can choose to come in and see us at an office location close to your home.

Home and hospital visits

Where personal circumstances prevent you from attending one of our offices, we can arrange to have one of our lawyers visit you, either at your home or even in a hospital, should you wish.

This service is also available after hours, although we do request some understanding in order to arrange a suitable time within which to make the appointment.

Supporting you - listening and keeping you informed

It is an essential part of our recruitment and training to select professionals who not only excel at law but also have good interpersonal skills and know how to listen. It’s important that you be encouraged to tell your story to us so that we can more powerfully represent you when you are up against government agencies like WorkCover and their lawyers, and in court should your matter proceed that far.

We pledge to listen carefully, then help your voice be heard.

We will keep you regularly informed about your case, and invite you to call or contact your lawyer at any stage along the claims process.

Fees, payment conditions and fee agreements

Costs are a common worry for clients. You need advice, but often your life is in a state of upheaval and money may not be easy to come by. Encouragingly, your first appointment with us is free. After that, we will give you an accurate estimate on what continuing to work with us will cost you.

You can talk to us about payment options including deferred payments or payment by instalments during your appointment.

For WorkCover, TAC and other injury and abuse compensation matters, we offer you our No Win No Fee OR Expenses* policy.

Why our No Win No Fee OR Expenses* policy provides the best financial protection

We offer the best and most comprehensive legal fees policy in Victoria which covers you for expenses even in the unlikely case that your case does not succeed.

Under our No Win No Fee OR Expenses* policy on fees and out of pocket expenses, we will waive our fees if you don’t win a case that we have agreed to fund and pick up the tab on your out of pocket expenses.

Out of pocket expenses here are counted as medical report fees, court fees and many other expenses that other firms would typically require you to pay in the event the case was lost.

If we don't think you have a reasonable chance of winning a lump sum, we'll advise you not to proceed.

We will always provide you with a complete written explanation of all of our fees, for your agreement, before we act on your behalf.

And we will never exert any pressure on you to sign. In fact, if you are unsure, we encourage you to compare our fees to those of our competitors.

You will never be charged a percentage of your final settlement in fees. In fact, this is illegal. Our fees are calculated on the basis of time spent on your case or on a scale as regulated by the Courts.

Our experience as injury compensation lawyers

Our work and road accident and injury lawyers are leaders within their fields, boasting a proud track record of winning large compensation payouts for more than 70,000 accident and injury clients since our foundation more than 45 years ago.

Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialist - a leader in our field

Many of our people are recognised by the Law Institute of Victoria as accredited personal injury law specialists. This is the highest professional level of recognition and accreditation within the legal profession and marks us a leader in our field. Accredited specialists have a minimum of five years in full time practice, over three years' experience in their area of specialty and have demonstrated a high degree of professional development. 

Confidentiality and privacy

Your information is personal and private and we respect that.

Our lawyers have ethical obligations to keep the information you disclose confidential. This is called client legal privilege. It is your legal right and ensures that you can obtain confidential advice about your particular circumstances. It also allows for the proper administration of justice because it enables you to talk frankly and honestly with your lawyer about your legal concerns.

We also have a thorough privacy policy in place to ensure the collection and proper use of your personal information. For further information about our commitment to your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

Respect, diversity and inclusiveness

Our society is diverse. A good law firm respects that diversity. We appreciate that everyone is different and that those differences can sometimes create barriers to justice which need to be overcome.

It is our approach to see and hear you on your terms, as a person.

It is important to us that you feel comfortable and understood. So no matter what age, cultural, ethnic, linguistic or religious background you have, and regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression, we strive to respect that difference.

Interpreter/translation service

Your language should not be a barrier to you getting legal advice. If your preference is a language other than English, let us know and we will arrange for a suitable interpreter to attend your appointment with you.

Call 1300 366 441 or find us at an office near you to arrange a free, no-obligation initial interview on any legal matter handled by our practice.

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