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Casual and Labour Hire Workers

Are casual workers and labour hire workers covered by WorkCover?

Yes. All casual workers enjoy exactly the same rights as any other employee, including those working full time and people working permanently.

Being a casual worker has no bearing on being able to make a WorkCover or injury claim or receiving WorkCover benefits.

There are certainly more people employed on a casual basis in various industries, and in hospitality in particular, but they're definitely covered. So don’t let any employer tell you otherwise.

Labour hire workers and Sub-contractors

If you are employed by a labour hire agency and have worked at several different sites or with several different "host" employers, it is your direct employer, the labour hire firm, that is responsible for your workplace injury benefits.

The size of your replacement income benefit will depend on the number of hours you have been employed for. The larger the number of hours worked, the larger the income replacement benefit will be.

All medical benefits, such as reimbursement for medical tests and treatment required post-injury, are fully refundable.

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