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Published: 21 August 2017
Author: RCT Super Law team

Do you have disability insurance benefits in your Super?

If you have a Super scheme AND you have sustained an injury or illness that is stopping you from working, reviewing your super policy is important.

You may have an entitlement to an insurance benefit attached to your superannuation fund that you may be unaware of, and which may be able to help you financially, regardless of any entitlements you may have received from WorkCover or the TAC.

For instance, if you have sustained an injury at work or in a motor vehicle accident, if you have developed a chronic illness such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, a brain tumour or multiple sclerosis, or if you have had a stroke or developed a Mental illness – you may have an entitlement to claim.

How do you check to see if you're insured?

To check to see if you have disability insurance attached to your superannuation fund, you should look at your Superannuation member statement and see if it is listed.

It is important to note that if you stopped work some time ago, your member statement may not show cover. That is why it is important to make enquiries of your fund to determine if you had cover as at the date of your injury or the date you ceased work.

We recently had a client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident in 2007. He ceased work at this time. His current superannuation fund member statements did not show that he had total or permanent disability (TPD) cover. When we made enquiries of his fund, we discovered that he held cover of over $50,000 for the relevant period.

Why should you seek legal advice in making a TPD injury claim?

Because every superannuation fund is different and because every injury or illness is different, it is important to get expert advice in order to maximise your entitlements.

We often see decisions made by superannuation funds that are incorrect.

When these decisions are appropriately challenged, a good Superannuation injury lawyer can ensure that you receive the correct entitlements to make life easier when you are injured or unwell.

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