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Published: 11 March 2016
Author: Ryan Carlisle Thomas

Injury not anyone else’s fault? You may still claim lump sum

Most people are aware that they are able to bring a claim against their employer for lump sum compensation if their injury resulted from employer negligence.

What workers may not be aware of, however, is their right to seek a lump sum payment for permanent injury even if their injury was not caused by any failing on the part of their employer.

The WorkCover scheme recognises that if a worker suffers a permanent injury at work, they deserve to receive some compensation as a result of their impairment.

An impairment benefits claim offers an injured worker compensation based on their level of whole person impairment (WPI).

Here are some examples of possible entitlements: 

  1. A 5% (WPI) back injury = $13,343
  2. A 10% (WPI) knee or shoulder injury= $22,480
  3. A 25% (WPI) hip injury = $64,375
  4. A 30% (WPI) psychological injury = $78,340

Receiving an impairment benefit does NOT stop you claiming weekly payments or medical and like expenses. Furthermore, you can access this compensation even if you are back at work!

If you have suffered a permanent injury at work, even where the injury is not anyone else’s fault, you should seek advice from your lawyers about lodging an impairment benefits claim.

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