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Published: 23 March 2016
Author: Ryan Carlisle Thomas

Beware of social media – WorkSafe is watching you!

Everyone knows that social media does not accurately depict a person’s life.

It therefore seems completely unfair that WorkSafe should be able to use photos posted on Facebook of someone enjoying themselves in an attempt to prove that they are faking or at least exaggerating their injuries. However, this does occur.

If you have a WorkCover claim, and particularly if you have any court case pending, you must be vigilant about what is put on Facebook and other social media sites. Remember, even if you have the highest security settings, it is not just you who posts photos. Your friends and family members may also post photos of you and WorkSafe may be able to get access to their pages.

In many cases, it may simply be safest to shut down your Facebook and other social media sites while you have a court case in progress.

Obviously, you should always be completely honest and candid about your capacities while on WorkCover. The problem with social media posts and photos is that they can be taken out of context. After all, you are more likely to post photos which portray you in a good light rather than photos of you at home in pain.

Once WorkSafe get a hold of these photos, you can be left having to defend yourself.

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