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Michael Burdess

Published: 10 April 2013
Author: Michael Burdess and Peter Claven

WorkCover, TAC claims and you. Part 5

Our firm has helped nearly 70,000 claims on behalf of WorkCover and TAC clients. There aren't too many questions that we haven't heard, and answered, before.

In this series of blogs, injury experts Peter Claven and Michael Burdess tackle some of the misconceptions.

Will the TAC start spying on me to see if I'm telling the truth if I lodge a claim for my car injury?

It is quite rare for someone to be put under surveillance merely for lodging a TAC claim. This would only be done in a small minority of cases (usually where there is a strong suggestion of fraud). It can be unnerving and intrusive.

My employer says that I have to trust in WorkCover and that they are on my side. Should I?

There are good claims agents and bad claims agents but ultimately they all work for an insurer. Their job is to save the insurance company money. If you are lucky you will have a good claims manager who will do their best within the WorkCover scheme to look after you. Many will not and you should ensure that you have legal advice throughout the life of your claim.

My employer wishes to attend my medical appointments with me. Is this OK?

There is absolutely no reason why your employer should be attending with you at medical appointments. You have an entitlement to refuse them access and you should use that entitlement should you wish. In some cases it may be appropriate for a return to work agent to attend a doctor's appointment with you if there is a real prospect that you may be able to return to work in the near future and you are comfortable with the agent attending. If in doubt don't consent to anyone attending your medical appointments with you.

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